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Asset Recovery


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    Have you secured a judgement order against an individual or company? Are you looking to trace assets in relation to these judgements?

    We have ways of tracing hidden assets in any jurisdiction around the globe.

    Even if assets have been concealed through trusts, foundations, offshore special purpose vehicles (SPVs) or through fiduciary arrangements, we are able to pierce the corporate veil and locate the money.

    It is soon to be law in the Netherlands for full disclosure of the ultimate beneficial owners (UBOs) of private limited companies (BVs) and public limited companies (NVs). Even so, many routes remain for individuals and companies to move and conceal assets offshore.

    Whether it is utilising banks not on the common reporting system (CRS), or moving money through VISA schemes in the Dutch Antilles, there are numerous options for assets to be concealed.

    We have an extensive team of lawyers, forensic accountants and intelligence experts that can assist you.