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  • International fraud recovery specialists

    Founded by a leading fraud detective

International fraud recovery specialists

Founded by a leading fraud detective

More about Interludium and Bridge Law

Dick Steffens,
founder of Interludium Investigations International

Interludium Investigations International was founded in 1990 by Dick Steffens after a long and distinguished career with Amsterdam Police, where he specialised in international criminal fraud and intelligence.

Interludium today has offices in The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and the UK. In addition to Victims of Fraud, the company provides a range of other services including art recovery, unraveling complex shareholder constructions, performing financial investigations and fighting international counterfeiting.

Claire Stewart,
founder of Bridge Law

Bridge Law was founded in March 2016 by Claire Stewart after a successful career working in litigation and dispute management for large city-centre law companies.

Claire qualified as a solicitor in 2001 and is also a qualified barrister, a member of the American Bar Association and a member of the Property Litigation Association.

In addition to its involvement with Victims of Fraud, Bridge Law has extensive experience of contentious trusts and probate, commercial litigation, property litigation and other specialisms.


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    No Win No Fee services

    With No Win No Fee legal services, you don’t pay anything unless your case is successful. Extremely popular in the UK, No Win No Fee is not available through law companies in the EU.

    Victims of Fraud’s experts would be pleased to talk to you about how our No Win No Fee services could help you. Our No Win No Fee way of working is available across the UK and many other European countries.

    Unrivalled skills and resources

    The collaboration between Interludium, financial intelligence experts, and Bridge Law, fraud recovery specialists, brings together an exceptional level of complementary skills that we deploy in various ways to track down fraudsters’ assets and recover money stolen from our clients.

    We understand how fraudsters work and we know how to trace their assets

    The Victims of Fraud recovery department has extensive experience of tracking down and recovering lost or stolen funds through a combination of forensic intelligence gathering and a vast network of contacts.

    We are a team that prides itself on its diligence, professionalism and friendly, approachable way of working with clients. We look forward to working with you!

    Trading scams

    These are becoming more and more common. They are often carried out through regulated and in some cases non-regulated brokers.

    The scams are designed to appear like genuine investments – and they can look very plausible indeed.

    Once people have been lured in, they are encouraged to invest bigger and bigger sums without any regulated or experienced trading advice. The financial commitment builds up – and then one day the investment fund and the client’s money simply vanish.

    Three simple steps

    Free consultation

    Talk to one of our fraud recovery specialists, who will undertake a free, in-depth analysis of what happened to you and give you an independent assessment of your case.

    Building your case

    We understand trading and bank regulations, how payments are processed – and how they can be tracked down. Drawing on all of this expertise, we’ll build up the strongest possible case in your favour.

    Recovering your money

    Our track record of recovering money for clients is second to none. We have got back lost funds for private individuals, online traders, investors and anybody else who has lost funds or savings to a scam.

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    International fraud recovery specialists

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