Based on interesting returns and attractive promises, you have decided to invest in attractive funds.

These fund providers appeared to know what they were talking about, came across as reliable and confident and convinced you of their integrity and ability to achieve great returns on your investments.

Then it turns out that promises are not fulfilled and payment is not made!

It did not just happen to you. Probably you are a victim of a Ponzi, Pyramid or Boiler room fraud and your investment has been channeled via sophisticated constructions to foreign accounts.

Financial supervisors:

It is likely that certification of a financial authority is missing and that the malicious providers/ organizations may even appear on the financial supervisors warning pages:

What to do?

Declaration to the law or the use of an international specialized private investigation agency and law firm, or both. The choice of course to you. Because of our experience we emphasize that choosing for the civilian side often has important advantages. We would like to inform you about this. We can support you in detecting your lost money.

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